miniature shar-pei mini pei sharpei mini size shar-pei шарпей шар-пей миниатюрный мини пейMiniature Shar-pei

I am a Miniature Shar Pei, also known as a Mini Shar Pei.  I am a purebred Chinese Shar Pei and I come from the exact same lines that every other Shar Pei comes from.  I am not the runt from a litter of standard sized Shar Pei puppies.  Selective breeding of small Shar Pei over generations produces lines that are consistently small. 

I do not conform to the FCI standard, which states the height of the Chinese Shar Pei to be 18 to 20 inches when measured at the withers and weight to be 45 to 60 pounds.  A Miniature Shar Pei is 17 inches and less or under when measured at the shoulder.  Weight will depend on my height and build.  A 15 inch stocky built Miniature Shar Pei can weigh the same as a 17 inch slender built Mini Shar Pei.  My weight can range from 25 pounds to about 40 pounds.  I can be registered with the RKF/FCI just like my larger relatives as a Chinese Shar Pei.  But the FCI does not recognize my size and you will hear a lot of Shar Pei breeders claim that we don't exist because of this.   

I am no more or less healthy than any other Shar Pei.  It all depends on which lines I come from.  So be sure to work with a reputable Shar Pei breeder.
This breed is being developed to provide a small, unique, intelligent family companion. Its sturdy, compact size makes this a versatile pet suited to a wide variety of lifestyles.
Standard for the Miniature Shar Pei

If you are interested please let me know more about yourself and if you are familiar with this breed.
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питомник шар-пеев Динамит Стайлс Мои собакиsharpei miniature shar-pei mini pei Dynamite Style's shar-pei kennek ШАРПЕЙ шарпейчики щенки шарпея купить щенка шар-пея

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